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Poogle Doodles

Happy Birthday Doodle to Conjeevaram Hayavadana Rao

Poogle Media dedicated a doodle marking the birth anniversary of Conjeevaram Hayavadana Rao , who was one among four visionaries, inventing India's first modern calendar -The Bangalore Press calendar....
Poogle Doodles

Happy Birthday Doodle to Ruskin Bond - India's beloved children's author !

India's beloved children author, Ruskin Bond celebrates is 85th birthday on May 19th.Living with his adopted family in Landour, Mussoorie, India, is all set to roll out the book titled "Coming Round the Mountain", will be released officially by the a...
Dose of Design

What is Creative Logo Design ?

With cups of coffee and yardstick of industry experience, exposure lets dig through aspect of creative logo design. So, pretty primary question: What is logo design? You may notice that a significant portion of your life is surrounded by brands. Thes...
Colour + Design

Find your Colorscope by Poogle Media

A splash of color will give you waves of enjoyment & at the same time it attributes to emotional feelings and perception too. Like the color palette,“Colorscope” is synchronizing, colors– and then learning how those colors reflect your personal...
Branding Mantra

10x Brand Naming Agency - Poogle Media

At Poogle Media, we use 10 touchstones (along with specific project parameters) to determine whether a name is truly great. We recommend keeping these criteria in mind when you evaluate potential name candidates to maintain some measure of objectiv...
Dose of Design

Creative Logo Design Process by Poogle Media

It takes wisdom of hand and mind mapping to desing a perfect memeorable logo design.Take a peak look though at our creative logo design process. At Poogle Media, the first to step to logo design process is the Gist phase were the client discovery and...