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What is Creative Logo Design ?

  • Dolly Sancheti - Poogle Media
  • 27th Apr, 2019
  • Dose of Design

With cups of coffee and yardstick of industry experience, exposure lets dig through aspect of creative logo design. So, pretty primary question: What is logo design? You may notice that a significant portion of your life is surrounded by brands. These inspiring brands inspire us with the change effect and we immediately acknowledge them by their logo design or identity. Pop out the window, you will see local & international brands with their logo design displayed. A logo design is a visual communication of a business, service or a product for a public recognition. It can be in any art, graphic or visual form that sets brands and their vision apart.

What defines Creative Logo Design?

Creative Logo has not been an overnight sensation, but instead it has been the result of a continued evolution of graphic design platforms, along with users, business, consumers & organizational behaviors. A creative logo is were it all starts, it’s essential for any business to have it with a purpose and focused marketing and promotional goals, actions, reactions, time, money, and energy on what is of value. Your logo design is often the first visual communication a potential customer or client will have with your brand.

“A Creative Logo Design is the mind's paintbrush; it can color any situation, emotions & invokes interscinic enthusiastic communication “ – Dolly Sancheti, CEO, Poogle Media – Coimbatore, India.

Creative Logo outlines knowledge, skills and passion for your company, product or service. With a unique & custom logo, it defines insights, benefits of practical experience and enthusiasm, imparting its core promotional goals it will automatically stimulate the majority of your consumers and enhance their thinking, even inspiring their trust. Pupils respond to enthusiasm and dedication, a positive visual and obvious commitment to a product or service.


Creative logo design is a part of brand identity design. An outstanding logo design can invite heaps of your prospects to connect with your business. With mix of powerful graphic elements that drives emotions yet with simple design can strike a perfect creative logo.Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are staunch examples for their creative visions.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to make you feel like your company needs to be doing everything under the sun. Instead, we’re here to share why creative logo design is valuable and easy to adopt, even if you don’t have a budget. Our goal in writing this blog is to share a mix of our personal experiences and insider creative logo design tips gleaned from working for celebrated, industry-leading companies that embraced the art of creative logo design early on. We’ve been in the trenches producing creative logos from scratch, and we have learned firsthand how to craft logo design into a compelling creative brand story. We’ve seen successes, dealt with misses, and even managed a few crises in the process. As a result, it was important to scatter Poogle Media’s Logo design wisdom!


Looking for Creative logo design inspiration? Poogle Media., a creative logo design company in coimbatore has been designing unique, custom, creative logos from past 11 years which has led to a growing client base with creative gratification. Wave a quick hi if you’re needing a best graphic and creative design logo services to be stroked out with creativity and uniqueness.


Written by Dolly Sancheti

Writing off from the desk of Poogle between the fun at work and zillion cups of Coffee! Share the creative bombs & forget not to subscribe to our awesome and saucy news!

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